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A good physical therapist is an injured athlete’s best friend. Many of the injuries sustained by athletes can cause long term pain, discomfort and immobility, and can even make it impossible to participate in sports temporarily or permanently. Timely and consistent treatment from a physical therapist can improve the odds of total recovery from many athletic injuries.

These resources run the gamut from personal blogs about ligament tears, to research labs studying how to prevent traumatic brain injury in athletic contexts. These sites aren’t listed in any specific order, but the quality of information offered at each one is superb, and should be useful for anyone considering a career in physical therapy.


  1. American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine


    The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine looks at all the different aspects of sports medicine from a researching and aid administrating perspective.

    – Go Farther: Sports Health

  2. Sports Injury Handbooks


    Mark L. Feurst and Allan M. Levy, M.D. (also known as one of the “fathers of sports medicine”) provide free advice and handbooks on how to prevent and avoid sports injuries. Sign up for the monthly feature and newsletter, where you can stay on top of news about sports injury prevention plans.

    – Go Farther: Top 10 Sports Injuries

  3. WebMD: Sports Injuries A-Z


    WebMD: Sport Injuries A-Z is a comprehensive guide to understanding any sports-related injury and allows users to inquire as to the conditions and aid that will be needed for them.

    – Go Farther: Ankle Injuries: Causes and Treatments

  4. Medline Plus: Sports Injuries


    MedLine Plus is a one-stop shop for information about all types of sports injuries. Learn more about their sports research, cool tools, the importance of expert training, and how to heal some of those injuries with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).

    – Go Farther: Fractures, Also Called: Broken Bones

  5. Brainline: Sports Injuries


    Brain injuries caused by playing sports are common, especially in contact sports. Learn about preventing, treating, and living with sports-related brain injuries such as concussions at this site, where research, personal stories, and videos can help you find the information you need.

    – Go Farther: Winter Sports Brain Injury Prevention Tips

  6. American College of Sports Medicine

    Anyone can join American College of Sports Medicine, but this organization is vital to anyone who wants to pursue a sports medicine career. Enhance your sports knowledge and education and connect with other sports-minded individuals who advocate for public policy and make a difference on health issues.

    – Go Farther: ACSM Position Stands



    Although this blog focuses on UK sports, you can find tons of information about sports injuries that apply to anyone the world over. Learn more about how to treat and avoid sports-related injuries through the sports medicine advice offered on this site.

    – Go Farther: Do’s and Don’ts of exercise

  8. Dance Injury and Ehlers-Danlos Type III Hypermobility Syndrome


    Dance Injury and Ehlers-Danlos Type III Hypermobility Syndrome is run by a researcher and Bowen Therapist who aims to help those who have been injured through dance.

    – Go Farther: Update- TMJ/Dance/Walking + Abdominal Adhesions…

  9. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons: Sports Injuries & Prevention


    Sports injuries can keep you from practicing the sport you love, and prevention can help you avoid that situation. Learn more about how to stay safe or how to treat a wide variety of injuries from OrthoInfo, a great site edited by Rick Wilkerson, DO.

    – Go Farther: Horseback Riding Injury Prevention

  10. Arthritis Research UK: Sports and exercise injuries


    If you’re not active because you suffer from arthritis, you might benefit from reading the information on this site. Through research, this organization is learning and sharing how people who have arthritis can begin to develop active lifestyles.

    – Go Farther: Arthritis Information

  11. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Handout on Health: Sports Injuries


    The National Institute of Arthritis and Muscoskeletal and Skin Diseases is incredibly informative on a number of fronts, including a great amount of information on sports injuries and what you can expect.

    – Go Farther: What Are Sports Injuries?

  12. Predawn Runner: Injury Prevention


    Learn how to face your next level as a runner with this site, where you can learn how to train specifically for marathons and how to fit your running passion into your everyday life. Greg Stosaker also can teach you how to become a runner who knows how to prevent injuries with the right running methods and tools.

    – Go Farther: The Running Manifesto

  13. Strength Running


    If you love to run, then you want to gain strength to avoid injuries so you can keep running. This site offers the ultimate guide in how to start running and keep running through tips, articles, training information, and even a boot camp — a “Coach in your Inbox” program that helps you stay consistent with your goals.

    – Go Farther: How to Start Running – Your Ultimate Guide

  14. Post Injury Running Blog


    If you’re a runner, you know the problems you may encounter with foot and leg injuries. Visit this superb blog, written by a runner, to learn more about how to avoid those problems or how to treat issues like runner’s knee or instep pain.

    – Go Farther: Calf and Forefoot Pain from Running Injuries

  15. Athletic Medicine


    Stay on top of the latest news in sports medicine, performance enhancement, fitness, and nutrition through the Athletic Medicine blog. Joshua J. Stone is an experienced athlete and trainer who enjoys life and sharing his knowledge about sports medicine.

    – Go Farther: ACL Injury: New Information on Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Consequences

  16. Injury Update


    Of course you can lurk, but it’s more fun to share on this injury update forum…especially if you can help someone or learn about how to treat your own sports-related injuries. You’ll find just about every sport and its related injuries known to mankind at this site.

    – Go Farther: Trunk and Back Injuries

  17. Stop Feet Pain Fast


    You don’t have to be an athlete to experience foot pain, unfortunately. Anyone who takes part in recreational sports can suffer an injury, especially if not trained in preparation and prevention. Learn more about how to deal with or prevent foot injuries at Dr. Anthony Weinert’s site.

    – Go Farther: Misaligned Feet

  18. Athletes Treating Athletes Blog


    Leigh Boyle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who shares her experiences and knowledge through this site. You might benefit from her goal to build the best one-stop resource for endurance athletes who are working through or trying to prevent overuse injuries.

    – Go Farther: Quad Strain

  19. Injury Fix Blog


    Do have tight calves or hamstrings? Or, do you want to learn how to stretch without injury? Visit Injury Fix, where you can learn about ways to maximize your athletic performance while improving your health and fitness from qualified and experienced coaches.

    – Go Farther: Rotator Cuff Injury Prevention

  20. International Association for Dance Medicine & Science: First Aid for Dancers


    When it comes to ensuring safety for dancers, the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science is a crucial choice, particularly the First Aid for Dancers page. With large detail it shows the course of action for identifying and treating different ailments.

    – Go Farther: Resources for Teachers

  21. Running Injury Free Blog


    A dedicated runner offers everything anyone might need to know about running, including how to prevent injuries, in this site. Sign up for the newsletter, read interviews, understand the basics about running, and learn about new products and running news from the Peaceful Runner.

    – Go Farther: How the Feldenkrais Method Can Help You Run Injury Free

  22. The Concussion Place Blog


    Although Dr. Brad Gulla’s practice is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you can still gain from his skills through this blog on brain injuries, especially for concussion. Learn more about how to prevent and treat sports-related brain injuries from an expert in this field.

    – Go Farther: Concussion Statistics

  23. Sports Doc Blog


    Learn how to do sports right with this blog out of Philadelphia. Weekend warriors, aging baby boomers, and anyone who craves an active lifestyle can benefit from the advice offered by various experts in the sports medicine field.

    – Go Farther: Couch to 5K: Sandy’s story

  24. Everything About Achilles Tendons

    EverythingAboutAchillesTendons is based on peer reviewed research by scientists, doctors, sport trainers, educators, and physical therapists. It covers Achilles tendon injury causes, prevention, and treatment; summarizes Achilles tendon research; explains Achilles tendon physiology and footwear issues; plus provides Achilles tendon injury recovery success stories.

    – Go Farther: Causes of Achilles Tendon Injury

  25. And the Dance Goes On: Psychological Impact of Injury


    Dancers, like many athletes, are affected psychologically by injuries. Learn more about how injuries — especially chronic injuries — can devastate a performer. The author of this site, Donna Krasnow, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Dance at York University in Toronto, and currently teaching at California State University, Northridge and California Institute of the Arts.

    – Go Farther: Published Articles

  26. Beginning


  27. Dancer Hips


    Dancing can be just as strenuous as any other contact sport. The dancer who authors Dancerhips shares her agony at forfeiting her competition dancing to osteoarthritis in her hip. Any athlete can learn from her trials as well as other problems experienced by other dancers shared at this site.

    – Go Farther: Joint Replacement Stories

  28. Goodnight Nobody


    If you’ve ever experienced sports injuries or want to avoid them, you might want to read this author’s blog. She has had five hip arthroscopies, an open surgical dislocation or SDD, cam and pincer femoroacetabular impingement, torn labrums, ruptured ligamentum teres…well, you get the picture…

    – Go Farther: At the 6.5 year mark I may have reached my breaking point

  29. Sports Therapy Scotland


    Sports Therapy Scotland is one of the foremost sources on physical therapy as it pertains to sports and they make a fantastic tool for understanding different conditions and treatments to expect.

    – Go Farther: Treatments and Services

  30. Brian Schiff’s Blog


    Brian Schiff is a nationally-respected physical therapist, author, speaker, and fitness professional who shares his experience and expertise on this blog. His tips for elite athletes are valuable for sports devotees as well as for weekend warriors.

    – Go Farther: Resolving a Frozen Shoulder

  31. Stop Sports Injuries


    The purpose of STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) is to help the high number of youth athletes avoid and prevent serious sports injuries. The STOP Sports Injuries Campaign wants to be sure that you have all the information you need to keep kids in the game for life.

    – Go Farther: Sports Specific Resources

  32. Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center


    If you’re into high-risk sports like football, handball, alpine skiing, or snowboarding, then you’ll want to bookmark this site to learn how to prevent injuries by learning about your risk factors. This is a professional site where experienced trainers share the latest in sports trauma news.

    – Go Farther: Outreach Programs

  33. Bodybuilding: Injury Prevention

    BodybuildingInjuryPrevention has a go-to base of information for all things relating to bodybuilding, but it is very important to note how high quality their Injury Prevention section is. Due to the prevalence of improperly lifting equipment and straining muscles, many times athletes end up pushing themselves too far, which can result in long term damages.

    – Go Farther: Gun Safety: Anatomy of an Arm Injury

  34. Men’s Health Sports Injuries


    Men’s Health Sports Injuries shows some of the most common ways men are injured playing sports and the best way to go about providing treatment and air.

    – Go Farther: Solve Your Sports Injuries

  35. MomsTeam: Sports Injuries


    MomsTeam: Sports Injuries breaks down some of the most useful advice for parents to administer aid and support to their children when injured while playing sports and long after. It’s an incredible tool for those looking to be best equipped when their children are old enough to be engaged in sports.

    – Go Farther: Should Concussion Be Called Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Instead?

  36. Boston Children’s Hospital: Sports injury prevention


    Boston Children’s Hospital: Sports Injury Prevention gives children and their parents access to some of the best resources for putting together a great plan for safely engaging in sports with the largest chance of not getting hurt.

    – Go Farther: Sprains and Strains

  37. Core Performance: Injury/Pain


    Core Performance works to better all athletes through useful guidance and help. Their site has a dedicated team of specialists to detail the best ways to prevent and manage injuries. The Injury/Pain section is very important, especially when it comes to sports.

    – Go Farther: How to Ease a Neck Strain

  38. UW Medicine: Sports Medicine Conditions and Treatments


    UW Medicine: Sports Medicine Conditions and Treatments works to treat a wide range of sports injuries and show others how to ensure the proper actions are taken when a situation arises.

    – Go Farther: Conditions and Treatments

  39. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: Common Sports Injuries and Conditions


    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta: Common Sports Injuries and Conditions is a page that every parent should have bookmarked. Their incredible detail and candor on pertinent issues is very well-noted.

    – Go Farther: Sports Tips

  40. National Athletic Trainers’ Association: Injuries


    The National Athletic Trainers’ Association is one of the most objective sources when it comes to gaining valuable knowledge on sports-related injuries. Unlike many other sites that have content created and managed by athletes, this site’s quality information on injuries is only supplied by professionals.

    – Go Farther: Athletic Training

  41. Dr. Foot Sports Injury Forum


    Dr. Foot Sports Injury Forum specializes in all foot-related injuries and shines lights on how to overcome what is often one of the most debilitating injuries to the body. The forum looks at many different aspects of it and is constantly updated.

    – Go Farther: Torn Ligament on Top of Foot?

  42. Methodist Center for Sports Medicine: Common Injuries


    The Methodist Center for Sports Medicine goes in-depth on providing advice for all sorts of different injuries that commonly result from sports. For those unsure of how to approach different injuries, it’s an extremely useful site to check out.

    – Go Farther: Tips From the Pros

  43. Human Kinetics Sport, Health & Fitness Blog


    The Human Kinetics Sport, Health, & Fitness Blog provides the latest news when it comes to physical activity and health. It’s an integral site to look at when inquiring into different facets of being injured.

    – Go Farther: The Three Key Elements of a Speed Development Programme

  44. The Concussion Blog


    The Concussion Blog is one of the first places one should read when concerning a concussion and the different implications it can have. From Current Concussion Management to detailing what a concussion is, it’s a very important site to check out.

    – Go Farther: What is a Concussion?

  45. Get a Heads Up on Concussion


    Get a Heads Up on Concussion conveys the best information on how to approach brain injuries and they also have incredible supplementary tools for painting the clearest picture possible.

    – Go Farther: Our Story

  46. CHKD Sports Medicine Blog


    Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter has many times over proven itself to be one of the foremost medical sources and when it comes to Sports Medicine, they again have an impressive display of knowledge.

    – Go Farther: Specialized Services

  47. Dr. David Geier


    Dr. David Geier specializes in treatment options for sports-related injuries and the best course of action to take when handling them. For those trying to diversify their treatment options, his breadth of knowledge should certainly be consulted.

    – Go Farther: 7 Signs Your Knee Injury Could Be Serious

  48. The Ultimate Runner’s Guide to Achilles Tendon Injuries


    The Ultimate Runner’s Guide to Achilles Tendon Injuries outlines just what it says it will, proving to be one of the most significant sources for aiding the repair of the Achilles Tendon.

    – Go Farther: Losing Running Fitness

  49. Injury Prevention


    Sports Injury Prevention for Kids is an intuitive resource for getting more information on how to make sure children are the safest possible when being physically active. The site is dense with great advice and even checklists.

    – Go Farther: Injury Free Sites

  50. Exercise for Injuries


    Exercise for Injuries is explicitly designed for professionals to aid those with injuries and provide great exercises to aid them. The site has a wide range of courses, products, and services to choose from.

    – Go Farther: Courses

  51. Brain Injury Association of America


    Brain Injury Association of America is one of the most important sites to understand the impact brain injuries can have in the short and long term on individuals.

    – Go Farther: Living with Brain Injury

  52. Beginning


  53. Andrews Institute STOP Sports Injuries


    The Andrews Institute STOP Sports Injuries aims to educate and empower athletes to proper precautions in preventing injury and staying physically active. One very notable feature of the site is their impressive categorization of each sport, the types of injuries associated with it, and best ways to go about treatment.

    – Go Farther: Common Injuries

  54. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Blog


    The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine Blog is run by Dr. James MacDonald and provides a great overview of different testing and research currently being working on to improve the care and aid provided to those injured while playing sports.

    – Go Farther: Elite Sport

  55. Men’s Fitness: Injuries and Recovery


    Men’s Fitness: Injuries and Recovery shows the best methods for bouncing back from injuries related to sports. The site is an incredibly dense resource when it comes to fitness, so their expertise is very evident.

    – Go Farther: Six Innovative Ways to Ice

  56. i1Biometrics: Head Injury Epidemic


    i1Biometrics: Head Injury Epidemic details the dilemma faced in today’s society where such a large number of athletes experience head injuries due to sports and physical activity. The site makes a great educational resource for those looking to curb the number of these serious injuries.

    – Go Farther: How It Works

  57. Sports Medicine Australia


    Sports Medicine Australia provides great perspective on the latest in sports medicine research and also has great info for sports trainers, conferences, and publications.

    – Go Farther: Resources

  58. Fighting Post-Concussion Syndrome


    Fighting Post-Concussion Syndrome emphasis some of the dangers that can be associated following the concussion for up to six months. The author provides useful information and perspective on her own concussion and the impact it has had on her life.

    – Go Farther: Archives

  59. Sports Injury Clinic


    Sports Injury Clinic breaks down all the need-to-know information as it is relevant to sports injuries typically faced. The site also has a directory of clinics and rehabilitation services, so others can find local aid.

    – Go Farther: Rehabilitation & Exercises

  60. American Medical Society for Sports Medicine


    The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine is a leading source on working with those who incur sports-related injuries and those who administer aid to them.

    – Go Farther: Foundation

  61. Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center


    The Matthew Gfeller Foundation works with communities on extensive outreach to educate them on sport-related traumatic brain injury research and do so through their own research center at UNC-Chapel Hill. Large strides have been made to use this research to benefit the largest amount of people possible and keep as many athletes safe and healthy as possible.

    – Go Farther: Our Mission

  62. Sports Injury Community


    Sports Injury Community aims to reframe how those who experience sports injuries view what has happened. The site aims to keep a positive outlook and keep others inspired and committed to bettering themselves.

    – Go Farther: Get Treatment

  63. ASMI Sports Medicine Forum


    ASMI Sports Medicine Forum is meant to be a place where parents, athletes, and medical professionals can congregate and help others get the valuable information they need to make informed decisions about different sports-related injuries.

    – Go Farther: Arm Injury

  64. Sports Injury Advice


    Sports Injury Advice shows all the different ways individuals can be hurt relating to physical activity and definitely is renowned when it comes to providing quality guidance on how to manage injuries. The site is incredibly dense with useful links and guides, so make sure not to miss it when reading up on sports-related injuries.

    – Go Farther: Injuries

  65. Solutions for Your Injuries


    Solutions for Your Injuries from InHealth is a useful site that showcases useful ways to approach specific injuries and make it easier on yourself. The site also provides a great podcast to listen to on the go.

    – Go Farther: Conditions We Treat

  66. Sports Injury and Prevention


    Sports Injury and Prevention details one of the least talked about, but most important aspects of playing sports, which is being injured. As time goes on, sports are becoming safer for those involved, but it is still very crucial to read up on injuries and how to prevent them.

    – Go Farther: Common Sports Injuries

  67. Datalys Center for Sports Injury Research and Prevention


    The Datalys Center for Sports Injury and Prevention is a great way to get more information on sports injuries and the difficulties they impose. The site highlights useful programs to enroll in to get the help needed and also services.

    – Go Farther: Programs

  68. Common Dance Injuries


    Common Dance Injuries highlights the different ways that dancers typically incur injuries and the best ways to go about treatment and aid.

    – Go Farther: Knee and Thigh

  69. Aid My Achilles


    Aid My Achilles is an integral website for those who have experienced the painful repercussions of tearing an Achilles tendon. Dense with information, tips, and exercises, the site is crucial to getting the help needed.

    – Go Farther: Cold Cure

  70. Achilles Tendon Injury Recovery Blog


    The Achilles tendon is one of the most sensitive and crucial parts of the body, so making sure it’s healed properly is absolutely imperative to living a healthy life free of pain. The Achilles Tendon Injury Recovery Blog provides great aid and advice for caring for your Achilles tendon to supplement doctor’s recommendation or care.

    – Go Farther: Your Achilles Tendon Rupture (ATR) and Recovery

  71. Traumatic Brain Injury Blog


    The Traumatic Brain Injury Blog should be one of the first places to start when inquiring as to the best practices to approaching brain injury. It details the short and long term impacts these can have on an individual.

    – Go Farther: Important New Guidelines on Neuroimaging in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

  72. Brain Injury Resource Center


    Brain Injury Resource Center is a go-to source for the best practices pertaining to traumatic brain injury. If you’re unsure where to begin in your quest to get brain injury support, this should be the first place you check.

    – Go Farther: Advocacy

  73. SportsBrain: The Concussion Blog


    SportsBrain showcases an incredible amount of content relating to the most important injury of all – brain injury. Since playing sports many times puts the head at greater risk, this site’s Concussion Blog is a very important place to gain a better understanding as to the dangerous repercussions.

    – Go Farther: Sports Brain’s 2012 Concussion Report

  74. Protecting Brains, One Hit at a Time


    Concussions and Our Kids is a website and book of the same name managed by Dr. Robert C. Cantu, a Neurological Surgery Specialist. He highlights all of the best ways we can keep our youth safe from serious injuries while still enjoying the sports they would like to. Dr. Cantu has an impressive array of credentials to support what he does and is a leading voice in his field.

    – Go Farther: Lectures

  75. Contemporary Dance – Common Dance Injuries


    Contemporary Dance – Common Dance Injuries shows all the information dancers need to know about common injuries, either on accident or those that develop over time. It’s a great tool for dancer’s and parents alike to stay in the know on all injuries.

    – Go Farther: Announcements

  76. The Motion Lab


    The Motion Lab works to improve debilitating physical conditions through pilates, rehabilitation, and other forms of physical activity designed to alleviate the symptoms caused by other sports activities.

    – Go Farther: Injury Recovery

  77. Hand and Wrist Institute Blog


    The Hand and Wrist Institute Blog is a great site for understanding all the different circumstances within sports that can cause physical injury and how important it is to properly take care of the wrist and hand.

    – Go Farther: Hand

  78. Beginning


  79. Hip Impingement News by The Entrepreneurial Patient


    Hip Impingement News by The Entrepreneurial Patient is an incredibly in-depth source for all hip-related news and the different tears and strains that can be associated with hip pain and sports. The site is updated very regularly and details some of the best information to have on hand.

    – Go Farther: A Patient’s Guide to Hip Impingement

  80. Hip Arthroscopy Blog


    Hip Arthroscopy Blog shows how different sport-related hip injuries can be detrimental and have significant long term implications. The great posts each provide depth on a new subject and it will catch you off guard with the amount of information you’re unaware of.

    – Go Farther: The Failed Arthroscopic Impingement Surgery

  81. RunSafe Blog


    RunSafe Blog emphasizes the different ways those who are actively involved with running can take proper precautions to safely ensure their body is in good shape. From footstrike patterns to warm-up tips, the site has it all.

    – Go Farther: Evolutionary Program

  82. Natural Running Center: Injuries


    With an incredible amount of running advice, Natural Running Center is where people should be turning when raising questions pertaining to running and any injuries associated with it.

    – Go Farther: Featured

  83. Dr. Pribut’s Running Injuries Page


    Dr. Pribut’s Running Injuries Page looks at all the different ways people get hurt while running and compiles a great resource for quickly accessing anything go-to information.

    – Go Farther: Recent Blog Entries

  84. Runners Rescue


    Runners Rescue shows how runners, joggers, and walkers can continue exercising without many of the inhibitions that are often associated with their activities.

    – Go Farther: Runners Injuries

  85. Sports Injury Prevention for Kids


    The Foundry Sports Medicine & Fitness Blog helps those who are looking for useful tools to assist injuries related to sports performance, injury, and rehabilitation services.

    – Go Farther: Injury Prevention

  86. National Center for Biotechnology Information: Sports Injury


    The Sports Injury page from the National Center for Biotechnology Information should be one of the first places checked following a sports injury that one is unsure how to treat. By providing such a large base of journal articles, it’s easy to understand how this is one of the most reputable sources in the field.

    – Go Farther: Soccer Injuries in Female Youth Players: Comparison of Injury Surveillance by Certified Physical Trainers and Internet

  87. Preventing Injuries Playing Sport


    Preventing Injuries Playing Sport is a crucial site for understanding the significant impact playing sports can have on one’s body and how to best prevent these from occurring.

    – Go Farther: Active Smart

  88. Orthopedic Conditions and Sports Medicine


    Orthopedic Conditions and Sports Medicine looks at how arthritis and sports many times intersect and how it can be prevented and/or treated. The site is dense with useful information.

    – Go Farther: Sports Injuries

  89. The Foundry Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Blog


  90. Natural Standard Sports Medicine


    The Natural Standard Sports Medicine page is an innovative site for looking at how integrative medicine can have the best effects on care in a variety of settings.

    – Go Farther: Natural Standard: Education for Manufacturers

  91. Sports Injury Surgery Blog


    Sports Injury Surgery emphasizes the dangers of different sports and how to approach them in the safest manner. Additionally, they provide great information on how to cope with different injuries as well.

    – Go Farther: Biodex System

  92. SidelineSportsDoc Blog


    SidelineSportsDoc Blog helps those in the medical field who work on the sidelines and help injured athletes on the spot.

    – Go Farther: Teaching Methods

  93. Mark L Fuerst Health & Medicine Blog


    Mark L Fuerst’s Health & Medicine Blog breaks down individual problems for athletes in a variety of sports and different conditions that may significantly increase the effects of injuries.

    – Go Farther: Simple Blood Test May Identify Concussion

  94. In Your Corner — The Breg Braces Blog


    In Your Corner – The Breg Braces Blog looks at all joint areas and details the different ways that sports can impact them, along with best treatment courses. Additionally, the site has great cold/home therapy advice.

    – Go Farther: Cold/Home Therapy

  95. The Game Ready Blog


    The Game Ready Blog has an intent goal of making sure athletes are ready to play when it comes time to take the court, field, track, or whatever playing surface they call their own. Recovering properly from injury is such a crucial aspect to playing to the fullest potential, so their posts make great material for steering yourself in the right direction.

    – Go Farther: Rehabilitation Equipment

  96. The Disabled List


    The Disabled List details some of the most serious reasons people end up hurting themselves while playing sports and how to prevent it. Additionally, they explain how to manage and heal some of these problems.

    – Go Farther: Hand Infections in Baseball – Hanley Ramirez

  97. British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine


    The British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine has established an incredible library of information for those involved in physical therapy and working with those in sports medicine.

    – Go Farther: BASEM For a New Age

  98. National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research


    The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research spends large amounts of time doing in-depth work on discovering some of the most effective ways to treat significant sports injuries.

    – Go Farther: Definitions of Injury

  99. Youth Sports Safety Alliance


    The Youth Sports Safety Alliance has an intent focus on insuring that our youth can safely and productively play sports and not be overly concerned about the chance of injury.

    – Go Farther: Summits

  100. Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma


    The Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma has been around since 1973 and is a foremost source on the latest happenings to athletes. Additionally, it was the first hospital-based facility committed to studying sports medicine.

    – Go Farther: Physical Therapy

  101. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise


    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise is a great journal for understanding the latest and best developments pertaining to athletes, injuries, and aid. Many times the content is at the forefront of the industry and has yet to be significantly rolled out.

    – Go Farther: Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, and Markers of Health in Older Adults

  102. National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment


    The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment works to implement effective practices that promote safer equipment use that prompts fewer and less severe injuries to athletes. The site is great when it comes to updates on standards and much more.

    – Go Farther: General Standards

  103. Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre University of Calgary


    Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary emphasizes their expertise on different issues related to sports and how to approach them in an effective manner. For those physically active, it’s definitely worth reading what they have to say.

    – Go Farther: For Athletes

  104. Sports Injury Solutions


    Sports Injury Solutions from Recovery Zone goes over all of the most common ways people are hurt when involved with sports and goes over what to expect from immediate pain to long-term care and repercussions.

    – Go Farther: Sprains and Strains

  105. Sports Injury Bulletin


    Sports Injury Bulletin understands that many times athletes are injured and then the lingo surrounding it can be confusing and detract from sufficient understanding of an injury. The site tries to translate different injury information into useful, practical, and simpler advice.

    – Go Farther: Hamstring Rehabilitation

  106. NHS Choices: Sports Injuries


    NHS Choices: Sports Injuries lists some of the most common types of sports injuries and gives incredible depth to each. It’s a great starting point for gaining an understanding on different sports-related injuries.

    – Go Farther: Minor Head Injuries

  107. University of Maryland Medical Center: Sprains and strains


    The University of Maryland Medical Center has a great section on sprains and strains, highlighting all the best ways to treat and manage these injuries. Additionally, their in-depth medical reference guide can help with any other questions.

    – Go Farther: Medical Encyclopedia

  108. Muscle-Pull: The Athlete’s Guide to Muscle Injury


    Muscle-Pull: The Athlete’s Guide to Sports Injury is a great blog that looks at all the different ways athletes are typically injured and details advice that is very useful.

    – Go Farther: Pulled Groin